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Permanent or freelance

We guarantee job satisfaction and ensure independence.

ICT, our acronym for I See Talent. Imalink puts a special emphasis on human relationships. Do you opt for a permanent job or do you prefer a freelance assignment? ICT professionals first and foremost need to feel good within an organization. This is where Imalink distinguishes itself as a true authority compared to its competitors. 

Opting for a permanent job?

The direct link to job satisfaction

Routine is not in Imalink's dictionary. You can count on variety, new challenges and job security. When you are permanently employed, you are not tied to one project or company. But you can just as well work as a clerk on long-term projects. By mutual agreement, we will flexibly design your career on the basis of your interests. We make sure that you can work on projects with various customers and in a variety of work environments. Moreover, you will be deployed at Top 500 companies so that you can grow to your full potential.

A tailor-made career

At Imalink you work as an ICT consultant at a high level. To support this, we offer you the possibility to further develop your own specialization and to grow in it. At Imalink you will only be assigned to projects that fully suit you.


The Imalink management team is always at your side. Through open communication, regular consultation and training in recognized training and Competence Centers we invest in your personal development. This way you can get the best out of yourself and your job.

Excellent salary package

Performance deserves a reward. As an Imalink consultant you can count on a transparent, attractive and competitive salary according to work done with punctual payment terms. We take into account the current standards, your efforts and responsibilities.

Entrepreneurship as a freelance consultant?

The direct link to self-development

You are first and foremost an entrepreneur. Therefore, it is our mission to offer you quality assignments that support you in your independent status. As a freelance Imalink consultant you enjoy the same professional support as our permanent staff and you will of course be involved in our activities and events. For Imalink you are an equal business partner and not an outsider, who together with us impeccably carries out the entrusted projects.


As a self-employed person, you choose freedom and we respect that. We see you as a full partner without hierarchical structure. We temporarily call on your expertise and knowledge to give a project new input but also like to work together on a long-term basis.

Quality Assignments

As an Imalink freelancer we offer you interesting assignments at leading companies. Our customers are among the Top 500 companies, in the most diverse sectors. In addition, development, experience and professionalism are just a few of the assets you bring to every assignment.

Competitive compensation and punctual payments

Imalink takes your needs as a freelancer into account. So you can be sure of correct agreements, punctual payment terms, administrative support and the necessary flexibility. As an Imalink freelancer, you can count on an attractive remuneration based on your experience, expertise and professional performance.