Directly and straightforward

As an independent Belgian ICT services company, we have been providing international top 500 companies with long-term, short-term and ad hoc project support since the year 2000.

In doing so, we systematically strive for partnerships. With customers and consultants, because investing purposefully in relationships is exactly what distinguishes Imalink from competition. The right ICT solution cannot be achieved without commitment.

Imalink, the house of trust

At Imalink, every assignment deserves the same level of commitment.
Together with our team of ICT specialists, we guarantee the values we hold dear. In every contact with partners, our foundations will therefore strongly come forward. Only in this way can we achieve a good, personal and committed collaboration.

Since day one, our house of trust has been built on the following seven pillars:

Imalink - Deontologie


Imalink always works ethically. We attach great importance to agreements made and we keep our promises. Our motto is always: good agreements make good friends. A correct cooperation is very important to us and we pay a lot of attention to human relations.

Imalink - Betrouwbaarheid


We like to build lasting partnerships. This is only possible if both parties are open to this and can trust each other. Every project deserves the same commitment, both short and long term. Professional performance and transparency are paramount. In other words: you can count on us.

Imalink - Krachtig maatwerk

Powerful customisation

Since your ICT project requires a customised approach, we help you from A to Z without copy-paste work. Imalink looks at each assignment individually and makes it fit your needs. Imalink consultants are always assigned to projects that fully fit their knowledge and skills. A win-win situation for both parties.

Imalink - Follow-up


Accurate monitoring is an integral part of our commitment. Regular monitoring and adjustment works efficiently and increases the chances of success. We organise regular evaluation meetings so that we remain intensively involved in your project. Continuity is very important to Imalink.

Imalink - Proactief denken

Proactive thinking

We find it very crucial to think ahead, both for ourselves and for you and our consultants. Especially in a rapidly changing ICT world, we like to search for the most optimal solution of technology and markets. Even in domains we are not (currently) in, we want to stay up-to-date.

Imalink - Arbeidsvreugde

Job satisfaction

Our Imalink consultants feel good about themselves. Everyone gets the chance to develop themselves professionally in a way that suits them. By regularly organising events and activities outside of work hours, we keep morale high. This results directly in speed and flexibility towards your project. Responsibility comes as natural to our team, not an obligation.

Imalink - In balans

Perfectly balanced

Imalink is financially sound. Yes, we say that out loud. In today's rapidly evolving economy, we play it fast. Our transparent financial structure is simple but effective. With clear objectives and a strong commercial policy, we guarantee our customers and consultants the security of a balanced partner.

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