Together everyone achieves more

Direct contact leads to surprisingly obvious solutions.
That is why our "open door policy" is an essential part of our cooperation.
At Imalink, we'd love to invite you in for strong coffee and surprising ideas you might not have expected.

With our powerful team of professionals, you can count on transparency, direct contact and dynamic collaboration. A brief introduction:

Isabelle - Imalink

Isabelle De Meyer

Managing Director - Partner
Natural-born leader

Because ICT is often not part of the core business of organisations, not all possibilities are used. In May 2000 Isabelle founded Imalink in order to use her speciality, recruitment of ICT consultants, for this purpose. Offering high level consultancy and proposing innovative and efficient solutions to companies was and is the goal. As CEO and partner, Isabelle takes charge of the day-to-day management, where she is happy to be your direct point of contact.

Arne Masureel

Director- Associate
Workflow energizer

Imalink's high-level consultants must be able to focus on our customers' projects to the maximum extent. With Arne, they and our back office have a passionate COO, who is responsible for the daily management of the core activities and for the desired support in the field of administration and logistic issues. For general, technical and administrative information you can always contact Arne.

Amélie - Imalink

Amélie Van Beveren

Talent Acquisition Manager
Power and talent converter

No high-level ICT consultancy for your projects without meticulous selection of suitable ICT experts. Amélie selects our people based on their real ICT knowledge, experience and fit: only the best are considered for your projects. After all, Imalink Team Members must fit in seamlessly with the corporate culture and work ethic of both Imalink and our clients. As the pivotal figure within our Talent Acquisition team, Amélie is the hub between ICT consultant, client and Imalink. Follow-up and evaluation of consultant and project are the key words here.

Louis - Imalink

Louis K. Charles

Chief Morale Officer
Our Royal Company Mascot

Keeping morale high is Louis' core mission. He helps us see daily that it is the simple things in life that mean the most. Louis knows better than anyone how to keep the daily stress of life at bay. He loves to share this gift of inner calm with his colleagues at Imalink. Louis teaches us that life is more about how we react to events than about the events themselves. In addition to this core task, he enjoys long naps, short walks, and provoking short petting sessions.