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Our jobs & assignments

We create opportunities,
You take the challenge.

Flexibility, it comes from both sides.
At Imalink, we employ both clerks and freelancers.
Our opportunities are many.

Apart from the cooperation formula, our team members can count on intensive professional and personal support. And clients can count on our Imalink consultants with just that little extra drive.

We're looking for you

We match your personal growth
to your goals and ambitions

Fit to specifications

IT Projects require their own approach, specific configuration, customized applications, their own specialties. No copy-paste work.

Imalink team members have the ICT knowledge and experience for your project, and are happy to adapt to your culture and work ethic. Our 'Fit to specifications' principle means that you do not need to invest in prior training.

Follow-up the project

Accurate follow-up is an integral part of our commitment. Regular follow-ups and adjustments where necessary are efficient and only increase the chance of success. Imalink often organizes evaluation interviews, so that we remain intensively involved with your project and our associated team members.

Job satisfaction

Our team members feel good about themselves. That means more to you as a customer than you might think. It guarantees you speed and flexibility that stem from a sense of responsibility and not obligation. Choosing Imalink is choosing for progression: an upward line for your project, your business and ultimately your results.