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A career is like a life story full of changes, opportunities and challenges. 

Do you like the constancy of a permanent employer, but find routine a turn-off? As an Imalink consultant you work with the security of an employee status and still enjoy flexibility, with projects at various clients and in diverse work environments. This way you can fully grow in your ambition and there is no lack of self-development. As a freelancer, we also offer you stable and long-term projects.

In short, at Imalink we are always looking for new employees or freelancers. Perhaps you won't find a vacancy on our website today that fully meets your knowledge or expectations? Our approach? Based on resumes, we look for the perfect job or project for you. So be sure to send us your resume and/or offer and we will help you find that dream job or project!

Beervelde-Dorp 46
9080 Lochristi
+32 9 356 85 61

Isabelle De Meyer
+32 477 29 35 40