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Mainframe Developer

Are you a communicative Mainframe Developer? Do both business and technology appeal to you? Are you always precise? Apply now!

What's in store for you?

As a Mainframe Developer you will be assigned to applications and projects within the mainframe team. Central to this are production, logistics and quality. You always work in a team. First of all you are responsible for writing PL/1. You are also responsible for maintenance. Besides programming you come into contact with the business. Analysis is therefore also part of your duties. In addition to analyzing, implementing and commenting, you will also focus on testing.

Who are you?

In addition to possessing a Bachelor's or Master's degree, you will have the following skills and knowledge as a Mainframe Developer:

  • IBM Z/OS
  • PL/1, Cobol
  • DB2
  • Cobol
  • Dutch and English

Imalink always calls on specialized ICT consultants. The spirit of Imalink is what connects us. Customer friendliness and commitment are therefore just as important as your technical skills.

Okay, I'll do it!

Are you completely convinced after reading this vacancy? Or do you still have doubts about a few points? Then contact us quickly and who knows, we might see/hear each other sooner than expected!



Laura D.

Freelance Consultant

Flexibility and independence are very important to me. Thanks to Imalink, I can fulfill quality assignments and still be an equal partner, without feeling like an outsider.

Aaron V.

ICT Consultant

Through our experience in Top 500 companies, I can always work with the latest technologies and products. In this way my knowledge is always ready and every new experience can be used in future assignments. Win-win for everyone!

Bjorn DS

Software Engineer

The nice thing about Imalink is the personal bond you have with the other employees. There is always a great atmosphere, you don't feel like a number and you work together with professional people who also like to have fun.

Beervelde-Dorp 46
9080 Lochristi
+32 9 356 85 61

Isabelle De Meyer
+32 477 29 35 40