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Bye bye 2019, hello 2020

Lochristi, 25 January 2020

2019 is already a few weeks behind us. Therefore, last Saturday Imalink celebrated with all its employees, consultants and partners to start off the year 2020 well.

Again this year, we were all guests at Fleur De Lin restaurant to sound off on 2020 and enjoy a culinary dinner. Chef Lode competed with his team again in 2019 at the Bocuse d'Or, the most prestigious culinary competition in the world. And, with a lot of blood, sweat and concentration, he can call himself the eighth best chef in the world!

Hostess Barbara warmly welcomed us all into the lounge with a glass of champagne. Later, some delicious appetizers were passed around that simply melted on your tongue.


Isabelle addressed us all in the lounge just before we were escorted to our table. She talked about the great 2019 that Imalink is going through and welcomed a number of new consultants.

The big speech Isabelle is still saving up a bit for the 20ste Imalink's birthday party that will take place later in May. So be sure to put this in your calendar.

Once at the table, our taste buds were put to the test, or rather: caressed? Time and again we were served works of art that tasted sublime and looked fantastic!

Between the starter and main course we were welcome to take a look behind the scenes in the kitchen. There, Chef Lode & Hostess Barbara told us how things work in their kitchen and how communication is the key word between them and the team.

After this short interlude in the kitchen, it was time to pay tribute to each other. Annelies and Lotte thanked Isabelle and Arne on behalf of all the consultants with a nice speech and a trip to Paris, the city of love. Afterwards, it was Isabelle and Arne's turn to thank the staff and consultants for their efforts over the past year.

We can safely say that our New Year's Eve party this year was once again a hit and, above all, worth repeating! 

Imalink wishes you all another healthy and enjoyable 2020!
Here's to a productive and collaborative year!