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10 tips & tricks for a productive workday

Imalink will soon receive its annual visit from the external service for prevention & protection at work. Reason for us to dwell on a number of issues ...

We all work for an average of 40 years.
That's why it's important to shape our work environment to our liking but also our daily habits. Did I get enough sleep this night? Am I sitting straight in my chair with my feet on the floor? Does my work environment have the right temperature and humidity? And what about my headaches and sore eyes at the end of the day? Below, we share some of the tips we use at Imalink to ensure that every day is a productive one.

Right height

It is often the case that we, as employees, adopt the wrong sitting posture while working. We sit easily in our chairs, but that does not mean that we are sitting correctly for our bodies. Proper adjustment between yourself, your chair and desk can feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. Some helpful measurements for proper adjustment are that your feet are flat on the floor with your knees at a 90° angle. Your table supports your elbows while you sit in a relaxed position. In addition, a good height for your computer screen is also not unimportant. The top of your screen should be just below your eye level. Some aids to raise your screen include higher laptop stands, packs of printer paper or some books. It is recommended that you use a separate mouse and keyboard so that your shoulders can also relax. Furthermore, make sure that the distance to the screen is at least 1 arm's length. Once you get used to it, you will swear by this position because it gives your body a rest.

No tropical temperatures

Generally, average temperatures are set between 19 and 21 degrees in all offices. A workplace that is too warm makes you feel languid, while a workplace that is too cool makes your body need a lot of energy to warm up. So the trick is to find a good balance. Are you still too cold? Then it's best to work a little harder 😉 .

Noisy noises

Some of them may disturb you and others may not. You make sure that it remains pleasant for everyone by, for example, holding long telephone conversations elsewhere, placing appliances that make noise somewhere else. Earplugs or headphones can also help. As already mentioned, in the past the printers were right next to our workstations. We moved them to a different corner, not only to be able to stretch your legs, but also to muffle the noise of the devices. Whether you work alone or in a group, you will always experience certain noise stimuli. 

Off that chair

Stretching your legs once never hurts. On the contrary, make sure you get off your chair at least once an hour. Even if it is only to go to the toilet, get coffee or go to a meeting. That way you change your posture, but also give your eyes a break. At Imalink, the printer used to be at the desk. We therefore explicitly chose to place the printers behind the corner during the renovation so that we could stretch our legs for a moment. We also received the tip from Arne to install a smart watch or app that notifies you when you are sitting down for too long.

Human humidity

You would think that the humidity level on your desk is not really important? Well, it is! The perfect humidity level is between 40 and 60 percent. If this percentage is lower than 40% at your office, you may suffer from burning eyes, headaches and irritated mucous membranes. Plants and a bowl of water on the heater can help eliminate the dryness from your office. Plants we have more than enough in our office! They not only provide good humidity in our office, but also the classy look of the office.

Clean desk = clear mind

Having a tidy desk is a difficult appointment for some. Yet it is important to pay attention to this on a daily basis so that it becomes a routine. At Imalink we use the rule that a "clean desk" makes for a "clear mind". And that is true. There is nothing more relaxing than starting your working day at a tidy desk. Clutter and unimportant items on your desk create chaos and unrest. So make sure all your paperwork is filed, your pens are together and you have the space to work organized. A good habit here is also to tidy up your desk one last time before you leave the office.