Frontend Developer Angular you say?

A Frontend Developer Angular is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining the user interface of Web applications using the Angular framework. They play a crucial role in creating the visual and functional aspects of a web application. Imalink summarizes it for you, succinctly and in 10 steps....

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Breaking News: we are moving in spring 2024

Imalink - Bureau Isabelle

Since May of this year, Imalink has been in existence for 23 years. During this time, our office has moved to a number of locations. Each time according to our activities, our growth and the spirit of the times.

When we traded in Zaffelare 15 years ago, on Sept. 18, 2008, for our newly built office in Beervelde, we were far from knowing how work would be done today.

Our current building was designed by Arne and our architect at the time as a multifunctional office with modular spaces, offices, meeting or study rooms with room for relaxation both inside and outside. Imalink was then ready to respond to the demand of clients to not only bring in consultants on site but also to house themselves at Imalink.

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