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We're still (a)live

COVID-19 has a huge impact on our health and daily life both professionally and privately. Therefore, as responsible citizens and business owners, we also strictly follow the imposed government measures to gain control over the virus.

Despite COVID-19, Imalink is still active and easily accessible to everyone. Some colleagues of our management team have already installed their desk at home to guarantee the continuity and quality of our services. Arne and Isabelle are still working daily at the office and are of course available through all channels both during and after working hours.

As such, our customer service is and will continue to be 100% revolving. Thus, we try to maintain our close communication with our clients by staying in constant touch.

The management team meets weekly for a minimum of 1 day - 1.5 m away admittedly - to discuss current and upcoming issues and evaluate the situation.

We believe that especially now in these difficult times, you as a company must be sharp to assist your customers, applicants and suppliers and offer help where needed.

Regarding our vacancies, we are still looking for you! Are you interested in one of our projects or jobs? Do not hesitate to apply! Our flow of applying remains unchanged. If we invite you for an interview, you will not be invited to our office. Instead, you will receive an invitation to conduct the interview via Skype.

We hope to have some good news soon!

Stay safe people! 🦠💪🏼

The Imalink Team