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Applying in corona times

You just have to experience it, looking for a nice new project or challenge as an IT consultant, and just at that moment corona has the world in its grip. Fortunately, we live in the 21ste century which offers us numerous possibilities to still find your dream job in times like these. Our Imalink recruitment team gives you some tips from its previous experience with online recruitment (but especially from the past few months) so that you can start your search well. Now that you have an abundance of time, you'd better brush up your CV and motivation letter. Or better yet, why not start from scratch? Show what you've got!

At Imalink we have known for a long time, even before corona, that video interviews are not only useful tools to get to know each other from a distance. One of the biggest advantages of online recruitment is the mobility problem that we avoid during a first interview. Furthermore, you can still secretly keep your pajama pants on and no one has to shake your clammy hands when getting acquainted 😉

The current situation allows Imalink to further expand and refine our online recruitment techniques. We therefore hope to be able to use this method on occasion after the crisis. Are you ready for it? Then we'll go over a few crucial tips and you'll soon be ready to make applying online one of your skills!

The perfect tool 4 you?

There are a number of tools that can easily help you make such an online interview go smoothly. They all differ from each other so be sure to test them out before you have your effective interview. We, at Imalink, already make use of the tools below:

  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • Google Hangouts Meet
  • Zoom
  • Teams
  • Whereby
Çava with your resume?

As we mentioned above, it's the perfect time to revamp your resume or even draft a new one. Do your thing but make sure it looks professional.

Practice makes perfect!

Practice makes perfect and that is certainly true when applying for a job! Prepare your questions for the online job interview, just as you would for a physical job interview. The tip you should always keep in mind during the interview is that you should always be honest and yourself. If not, you will fall through the cracks anyway. Show that the difficult job interview questions are a piece of cake for you and above all show that you have prepared yourself well.

Did someone say LinkedIn?

The majority of IT professionals have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn provides a large network among professionals that can help you find a potential job. At Imalink, we always take a look at your profile in search of useful additional information. Don't have one yet? Then be sure to create one, you have plenty of time now 😉 !

Dress to impress

Sitting in front of your PC in sweatpants or in tight jeans? Your answer is undoubtedly those easy jogging pants right? It is normal that you want to be comfortable and at ease when you are at home. But still, we can recommend you, and it is effectively proven, that you are more positive when you put on clothes that you would also wear when you should be out the door. You'll see, you'll feel a lot better and more productive! Do you have an online job interview with us planned? Then be sure to put on your best outfit! Even if you are being interviewed in your own home, professional attire is important. Just like your attitude.

Everything at hand?

As with a "real" interview, it's best to keep a number of items on hand. I'm thinking of the job description, your resume, the questions you have prepared, pen & paper and maybe a glass of water. You speak a lot so it is normal that you get a dry throat after a while. Be sure to put everything within reach because it is difficult to stand up during the interview. You can do it, but it doesn't look professional. If you work with earphones or a headset, make sure you mute your microphone at the appropriate time.

Good background?

During your online job interview, put yourself in a different room. Also, make sure you can create a plain background so we are not distracted. Also be sure to let any householders know that you will be interviewed online. It only takes a moment for someone to walk into the room unabashedly singing!

Tested and approved?

Another golden tip: test everything out before you start your conversation. If a problem arises, you can still try to solve it. Is the battery of your PC charged properly? Is your wifi optimal and do your sound and microphone work? Always log in at least 10 minutes earlier to the platform where you will be holding the conversation. So be sure to test the technical part such as sound, microphone, battery and wifi beforehand to be a step ahead of stress!

Are all the tips fresh in your mind? Good luck and see you soon!