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What employees & customers say

At Imalink, our employees & customers come first.
After all, they are the main hub in the cog that keeps us running. Curious what they say about us? 

Artuur VDK

Artuur VDK

Full Stack Angular Web Developer

Today I work for Imalink as a fullstack developer in a banking environment. Fullstack, because I do everything; I modify databases, write code in Java as backend and create a frontend with Javascript (Typescript and Angular). It's great that Imalink offers me the possibility to execute such an assignment at a large bank. This way I learn how the whole process works.

Karl VDB

Independent Software Engineer

Getting paid correctly and on time is something that is not always obvious for self-employed people. With Imalink I am sure of it. It is a financially healthy company, all right. But it's also a matter of respect and I appreciate that!

Laura D.

Freelance Consultant

Flexibility and independence are very important to me. Thanks to Imalink, I can fulfill quality assignments and still be an equal partner, without feeling like an outsider.

Aaron V.

ICT Consultant

Through our experience in Top 500 companies, I can always work with the latest technologies and products. In this way my knowledge is always ready and every new experience can be used in future assignments. Win-win for everyone!

Marthe H.

Independent ICT Consultant Mobile

Every project is different, every company is different. And that gives the necessary variation. Because routine is not my thing. Working with Imalink keeps me sharp.

Bjorn DS

Software Engineer

The nice thing about Imalink is the personal bond you have with the other employees. There is always a great atmosphere, you don't feel like a number and you work together with professional people who also like to have fun.

Inge DK

Freelance Digital Media Consultant

As a freelancer it is important to continuously learn and be aware of the latest trends. At Imalink I get new challenges all the time, which makes me grow in my profession but also as a person.

Jurgen H.

ICT Consultant SAP

"As a novice in ICT, I was well taken care of at Imalink. And I still am. The management team and colleagues at Imalink are always ready with advice and support where needed. I am also regularly allowed to go on courses to keep me up to date."