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To call is to know

At Imalink in the office, we are invariably convinced that calling is thé perfect tool to reach people very quickly. At Imalink it is our habit to respond quickly. That is why we will call you rather than send you an email.


Bellen is weten
Speaking not gathering

Hours, days, or even weeks you can wait for an answer to your email. And when you finally receive the answer, you don't know everything yet, with the result that you have to send another email. This keeps you ping-ponging for a long time, while it could usually be communicated with 1 phone call.


It is common knowledge that at Imalink we love personal contact. That is also one of the reasons why we contact you by phone more easily. We want to be sure that our questions or information come across well so that people will not misinterpret it. You can have that with an email, for example. Just as you can't hear the other side's feelings and emotions with an email, you can with a phone call. Do you want to be able to see those emotions because you will be talking about a delicate matter? Then opt for a Teams call (or another tool you can use). From experience we can say that talking on the phone also gives us more energy and productivity. Connecting and talking on the phone makes us feel good so that after the call we get right down to business. Because admit it, sometimes you forget to answer that one email?

Time does matter

The time of day we call is also not insignificant. At Imalink we have found that in the afternoon and early evening more people answer the phone. Therefore, it goes without saying that we also answer our phone after office hours. In our case, a missed phone can also be a missed opportunity!

Prepare your goal

Ask yourself what exactly you want to say or ask during your telephone conversation. Write it down in keywords so that during the call you can focus completely on your conversation partner and not on the questions you forgot to ask.

To confirm

An email may then serve to support a previous phone conversation. An example is a confirmation of an appointment or a small additional question. In most cases we speak of an and-and story and not an or-story.

So be sure to remember to reach for your phone faster than your email for a change.
It has numerous benefits and makes you appear confident and professional. Good luck!